I believe that God has provided us with a unique opportunity “for such a time as this” through our FOR missions and ministry campaign.
That’s right, this stewardship challenge will do far more than raising money; this campaign will determine HOW we do missions and ministry for generations to come.
Remember, we are doing this FOR You, FOR the Next Generation, FOR Our City, FOR the Nations, and FOR the Kingdom of God!
A successful campaign will enable us to impact the lives of people across the street and around the world. As we focus on this capital stewardship program, I want you to reflect on God’s blessings in your life and upon our church. Certainly, we cannot help but feel gratitude and anticipation as we seek God’s will.

I am confident that our FOR campaign will help physically position Mission Hill to accomplish our God-given vision for many years. In a time when many churches are fighting to stay open, we will be driving a stake in the ground and making a statement to our community that declares “God is still working in and through Mission Hill Church.”
How are we going to do this? Together! I am challenging you to join my family in giving sacrificially, over and above our current tithes, for three years. The FOR stewardship campaign requires diligent prayer and obedience to God’s leading. Simply put, we can’t do this without help from our Lord. But, I have good news; I genuinely believe that we’re ready for the challenge, and that God will provide, as He always has, in our personal lives and through His church.

Let us enter boldly into this endeavor, believing in God’s provision and grace.
I am so excited about our future together. It’s with this future in mind, and with a heart full of gratitude and faith, that I ask you to consider your part in this campaign.
Remember, what you give is a personal decision between you and God. But what we accomplish together will benefit not only us, but those who come behind us. May the Lord bless you and guide you in this process and may all who come behind us find us faithful.
For HIS glory,

Pastor Paul


  • Worship Center reconfiguration and renovation
  • Gathering space creation
  • Grand entrance/Covered drive (near current office entry)
  • Steeple removal
  • Roof framing correction/replacement
  • East side porch roof removal
  • Patio and sidewalk removal
  • Worship center exterior – rebranded wall and finishes
  • Audio/Visual
  • 10% of all campaign giving will go towards Missions
  • As funds allow:
    • Lake Carroll & Six Mile facility improvements
    • Central Campus Parking Lot & Children’s area improvements