•  Pray: Pray our church will continue to reach beyond our walls
    with the Gospel. Pray God will use this campaign and the
    building to grow our faith and trust in Him.


  • Give: We will be challenged to give sacrificially, over and
    above our current giving, for three years. Our prayer is not
    for equal giving but equal sacrifice. Give as the Lord leads
    you with a cheerful and thankful heart.


  • Tell: FOR is more than a building campaign. For is about positioning our church to reach Tampa and the Nations with the Gospel for generations to come.

Are you enthusiastic about giving to this vision, but not sure where to start?

Here are some creative ways to help allocate or free up resources so you can be a part of THE FOR CAMPAIGN.

Are there things in your life you can take advantage of less frequently? Maybe it’s fewer Starbucks runs or one less dinner out each week. By decreasing a weekly expense, regardless of what it might be, you can save a significant amount to contribute.

Often, there are creative ways to save money. Maybe it’s been a while since you got a quote for an existing service (ie., cell phone and cable service). Perhaps you could do some extra comparison or bargain shopping to save funds. For your kids, it could be as easy as saving extra change to give.

Are there plans you might be making that involve a financial
commitment? If so, prayerfully ask God about delaying those plans and using the extra income to contribute.

A great way to contribute is to give existing assets. Giving assets to the church and letting us sell them eliminates potential capital gains taxes and may increase after-tax proceeds. Please contact the church office for more guidance before committing an asset gift in order to determine its viability for liquidation.

Building and planning for the future takes
wisdom and faith.

Pastor Paul, along with the leadership of Mission Hills, has been seeking wisdom and praying earnestly to hear God’s will in this process.

The goals of this campaign are as follows:
The first goal is set at an attainable $3 million. The second goal is set at $5 million and is attainable as well if we each give generously and sacrificially.

After all, we serve God who can do beyond anything we can give, ask or imagine!